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1851 Navy Sheriff Black Powder Pistol


Working replicas of Black Powder Guns including historical revolvers and hunting rifles.

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Black Powder Guns, also referred to as muzzleloaders, have continued to gain popularity with sportsmen and hunters. We have a selection of black powder guns that are accurate and detailed, working replicas of historical revolvers and rifles. Best of all, no FFL is required to purchase one of these awesome muzzleloaders!


  • What is a black powder gun?
    Also known as a muzzleloader, a black powder gun uses historical firearm technology, which includes handloading both the ammunition and black powder into the muzzle.
  • What are the benefits of owning a black powder gun?
    Aside from them being fun to shoot, a black powder gun also gives you control over how much powder you’re using and how your bullets are made. This makes them cheaper to shoot than a modern firearm, plus, a muzzleloader is not legally considered a firearm by the federal government. However, your own state’s laws should be considered.
  • Can you hunt with a black powder gun?
    Yes. Hunting with a black powder gun may actually extend your hunting season as many states have muzzleloader only seasons.
  • How accurate are black powder guns?
    The ammunition travels at a slower velocity so your hunting range is 100 yards or less, forcing you to be a better marksman. Muzzleloader Hunters or Primitive Hunters take pride in taking down their game, since it relies on their own personal skills in stalking and tracking instead of falling back on the effectiveness of an expensive firearm.
  • Are the supplies like ammo and powder easy to get?
    Yes. You can find kits, (check out ours) which have everything you need to shoot including the ammo. The only thing you would need to purchase separately is the powder and that can be found at your local firearms supply store.