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Stainless steel camp utensils to eat on the go.

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Just because you’re camping, doesn’t mean eating outdoors should be a hassle or messy. has a variety of Camp Cookware and Utensils that will make dining outside easy and enjoyable. We carry mess kits, cookware sets, eating utensil sets and collapsible sinks.


  • What are camp utensils?
    Under this category, you’ll find dining tools that have a fork, knife and spoon, compact nesting cookware and military-style mess kits.
  • What’s a P-38 or G.I. can opener?
    The P-38 can opener was developed during WWII for the military and was included with the soldiers’ rations. The stainless steel can opener is small enough to put on a key ring or dog-tag chain and consists of a short handle with a small, hinged “tooth” that folds out to pierce the lid of a can. The P-51 is a little bit of a larger version of the original.
  • What’s a dining tool?
    A really cool addition to your camping and hiking gear, a dining tool is built like a pocket knife with the utensils folding out for use. Usually, it has a fork, spoon, knife and can-opener.