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Well stocked and up-to-date first aid kits at your fingertips.

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Having a well-stocked and up-to-date First Aid Kit in your home, vehicle, camping or hiking gear and place of business is a requirement! has everything you need has a range of first aid kits in different sizes for all the places you need one. We also stock a variety of first aid supplies to assure that you have all the necessary tools you need for a medical emergency.


  • Do you have small first aid kits that won’t take up a lot of room in my pack?
    We have several first aid kits that are fully-stocked with what you need for common first aid situations but still compact enough to just drop in your backpack or attach to it.
  • Do you have other first aid items?
    In addition to fist aid kits, we have an extensive stock of first aid tools including splints, trauma bandages, stethoscopes, surgical tools and trauma shears.
  • What’s a trauma kit?
    A trauma kit usually contains medical emergency tools like a tourniquet, bleed-control gauze or bandaging, trauma shears, suture sets and butterfly strips, a scalpel, hemostats and sometimes a CPR face-shield.
  • Do you have a basic first aid kit for hiking?
    Yes, we have a few first aid kits that are designed to be worn on your belt and contain medical supplies that would address the specific injuries that may occur when hiking or trekking.