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United Cutlery Honshu Tanto Knife


Our dependable Full-Tang Knives are not only high quality, but they also have unbeatable prices. From the master knife maker Gil Hibben to Timber Wolf, or Smith & Wesson blades. These powerful Full tang blades will be sure to perform.

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For increased power, balance, and leverage, look no further than’s selection of full tang knives. Unlike partial tang, full tang knives offer a weightier experience living up to the needs of campers and survivalists of any experience level. From full tang Bowie and bushcraft knives to reapers, you can find the best full tang knife for your needs at


  • What is a full-tang knife?
    The tang of a knife is the part of the blade that extends into the handle. A full-tang knife has the handle pieces or scales attached to each side of the tang to form the handle of the knife. In contrast, a half-tang knife has a tang that only extends halfway into the handle.
  • Where did the trench knife come from?
    Trench knives, also called knuckle knives, were created to use in close quarters combat, during WWI, when the fighting was taking places primarily in the trenches. The early versions of the trench knife were constructed by the soldiers themselves or ordinance blacksmiths. They were usually just shortened military-issue bayonets.
  • What is a bayonet knife used for?
    A bayonet knife is specifically designed to be a companion to a rifle. It typically has a clip on the pommel to fit a bayonet lug attachment and a muzzle ring integrated into the handguard. Originally, the bayonet was used for close-quarters combat and can be found, now, as both a historical replica and as a modern rifle accessory.
  • What is a kukri knife?
    The Kukri, or Gurkha knife, is a Nepalese machete originally used to clear wooded areas. It was later used as an effective weapon due to its curved design. The shape varies a great deal from being quite straight to highly curved with angled or smooth spines. It can be used to cut, chop, slash or smash just about anything.
  • How do I choose a full-tang knife?
    A good, quality full-tang knife should be a tool that you can take for granted because it will be able to perform whenever and wherever you need it. Choose one that will perform the specific tasks that come up for you when and wherever you’re carrying it. For example, if you’re camping or surviving in the wild, you need a knife that can perform a variety of tasks including cutting kindling for a fire, preparing food and building a shelter.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Lori

    Both knives came out of the package sharp, and ready to go. Rather hefty folding knife though, even so, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase.

    Review of: Timber Wolf River Run Two-Piece Hunting Knife Set

  • Patrick (Chandler, Arizona) - So stoked!

    Just received this knife and I couldn't be happier, the sheath is quality leather and a good fit, the blade is extremely sharp so sharp I was able to shave my arm with it. I really recommend this knife

    Review of: Bushmaster Bushcraft Primitive Field Knife

  • Jacob

    Love this knife. Got three of them from a Steal of the Day deal. The G10 handle is a bit thin but overall the knife still feels really good in my large hands for handling. The handle does look good. The blade is a good 3/16" thick and came sharp. The Kydex sheath is nice except for the belt loop. The slot in the belt loop is 3.25 inches tall. The sheath holds the knife firm and takes a good yank to release. This is the case for all three that I purchased. So if you have a normal sized belt of about 1.5 inches then the knife and sheath will slide up your belt about 1.75 inches before you can start to pull your knife out. Kind of annoying. I'll probably try and find an insert to slip in the slot to fill the space and keep from slipping on my belt. Overall a great knife.

    Review of: Timber Wolf Blue Wave Fixed Blade Knife

  • Gregory

    I bought this thinking it may have been a bit excessive. Not so. When I first held it I thought it was too heavy and thick, but, after a minute I came to like it. It has the heft to chop like a hatchet and the quality steel to keep a razor edge. It's beautifully balanced and I could not find one imperfection in the manufacture of this knife. With the diamond sharpening stone and ferro rod this is a firewood processing beast from start to finish. My new favorite knife. Thank you Schrade and Budk knives.

    Review of: Schrade Frontier Extreme Survival Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife Black 12 In.

  • Billy

    I purchased this as a companion to the smaller Executive Bowie. The wood handle is flawless and looks beautiful. I had both engraved which looks great. It's a tad on the light side for a Bowie this large but it does fit the hand well and comes with a sharp blade. I bought it for looks, not function and for that reason it is magnificent. I highly recommend this. LJP

    Review of: Ridge Runner Ambassador Bowie Knife with Sheath