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A large variety of survival food to take on your next camping trip.

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Survival Food is an important necessity to your prep, bugout bag, or natural disaster gear so that you do know when you and your family’s next meal is coming. In our stockpile of survival food inventory you’ll find survival food entrees, MREs, canned foods and survival snacks.


  • How long will this packaged food last?
    The survival food that we carry is of only the highest quality from reputable brands that offer up to a 25-year shelf-life, depending on the food product.
  • What types of food do you have?
    We have a selection of entrée and breakfast kits in different quantities, canned staples like butter, honey and powdered milk, and we also carry individual backpacking meals.
  • What is the largest emergency food kit that you have?
    We are constantly adding to our inventory of emergency food. Currently, we have kits that have 120 servings.

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