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Trump 2024 Pocket Knife


Your one stop shop for all Trump Gear.

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BUDK is your source for Donald Trump gifts. From MAGA hats and signs, to Make America Great Again knives and pocket watches. Our exclusive Limited Edition Trump Bowie Knife is one of our best selling items. Support our president in this 2024 election with our huge assortment of President Trump gear.


  • Do you have commemorative keepsakes from Donald Trump’s presidency?
    In our selection of Trump products we have collectible coins, pocket knives and baseball hats.
  • What kind of quality are your collectible coins?
    The collectible Trum-themed coins that we have in our collection are genuine US tender in the form of JFK Half Dollars and specifically crafted challenge coins. They feature full-color artwork of former President Donald Trump.
  • Do you have a Trump-themed flag that I can fly to show my support?
    We do have some high-quality flags that will stand-up to the elements and retain their vivid color and shape.